Урок 20 - To be going to …

To be going to …

Курсы английского языка - Present Perfect – Настоящее совершенное время

Конструкция to be going to do sth употребляется для того, чтобы показать, что решение уже принято и имеется намерение что-то сделать.
Sarah is going to sell her car. Сара собирается продать машину.

Look at the sky! It’s going to rain. Посмотри на небо! Вот-вот пойдет дождь.

Формы to be going to …


Поставьте глагол в правильную форму. В случае необходимости пользуйтесь словарем.

  1. My hands are dirty. I ___________ (wash) them.
  2. I _____________ (buy) some books tomorrow.
  3. What ___________ (you, wear) to the party tonight?
  4. It’s a nice day. I don’t want to take the bus. I __________ (walk).
  5. Rob ___________ (sell) his motorbike.
  6. John is going to London next week. He ____________ (stay) with some friends.
  7. The self ______________ (fall down)!
  8. I ______________ (have) breakfast this morning. I’m not hungry.
  9. I’m hungry. I _________ (eat) this hamburger.
  10. It’s Ann’s birthday next week. We _________ (give) her a present.
  11. Kate says she’s feeling very tired. She ___________ (lie down) for an hour.
  12. The car _____________ (turn right).
  13. There’s a good film on Channel 1 tonight. __________ (you, watch) it?
  14. What __________ (Chris, do) when he leaves school?
  15. Andrew ______________ (kick) the ball!
  16. Oh dear! It’s 9 o’clock and I’m not ready. I _____________ (be) late.
  17. ___________ (you, invite) Ann to your party?
  18. What __________ (you/wear) to the wedding next week?
  19. She __________ (watch) TV this evening.
  20. I __________ (have) a bath. Please, wait me in the living room.







1. am going to wash 2. am going to buy 3. are you going to wear 4. am going to walk 5. is going to sell 6. is going to stay 7. is going to fall down 8. am not going to have 9. am going to eat 10. are going to give 11. is going to lie down 12. is going to turn right 13. are you going to watch 14. is Chris going to do 15. is going to kick 16. am going to be 17. are you going to invite 18. are you going to wear 19. is going to watch 20. am going to have.

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